What it Means to have a Manifest file

That was not a real application , yeah I cheated. :-)

Lets dig into more functionality.

Problem Statement.

Almost every CF application has a manifest.yml, What is this ?

What is the deal with manifest.yml ?


Just agree, You don't build one HTML file and ship anything, We build micro-services talking to each other over HTTP. Each service would have dependencies, routes, memory, stacks, hostname, buildpacks, environment variables etc..

So where do we store them ? The answer is simple -- manifest.yml

Checkout this pull request for changes. This is a minimal manifest entry.

No more cf push <APP_NAME> -b staticfile_buildpack, just cf push

If you check the documentation, there are lot of things that you can enter into your manifest.yml file.

Why don't you try changing the memory, hostname attributes, I'll leave that to you.

Tip: How to do it
  • Edit the manifest.yml
  • cf push