Talking to UAA Instace

  • Install uaac-client using command gem install cf-uaac
  • If you don't have gem installed on your machine, Please do so. If you run into issues, Please try reading about rvm.
  • bind the todo-server with the uaa instance created. cf bs todo-server uaa. Don't restart the todo-server yet.
  • do a cf env todo-server and search for predix-uaa. You should be able to see something like
     "predix-uaa": [
             "credentials": {
             "issuerId": "https://<UAA_INSTANCE_ID>",
             "uri": "https://<UAA_INSTANCE_ID>",
             "zone": {
                 "http-header-name": "X-Identity-Zone-Id",
                 "http-header-value": "<UAA_INSTANCE_ID>"
             "label": "predix-uaa",
             "name": "uaa",
             "plan": "beta",
             "tags": []
  • Target uaac to UAA Instance. uaac target https://<UAA_INSTANCE_ID>
  • Create a context with uaac uaac token client get admin -s <CLIENT_SECRET> where CLIENT_SECRET is the secret that was created here


  • Installing any managing ruby versions and gems is easier if you have ruby-version-manager installed
  • You might need to specify your proxy when installing cf-uaac: sudo gem install --http-proxy cf-uaac