Creating & Pushing a Java MicroService

What would it take to create a Java backend service hosted on Predix ?


Its just a couple of clicks away, without even having to right any code.


  • Go to
  • Enter Group information , For me I entered com.sks.predix.sample
  • Enter artifact info , I entered todo-service as I'll be writing a backed to store the to-do frontend developed in the other chapter
  • Select the required dependencies , For me I am interested in Web , Actuator, JPA and h2 for now
  • Click on Generate Project to start downloding the zip
  • Open the zip and the resulting folder is your application
  • Checkout this commit for details on how the project looks like
  • Try running mvn spring-boot:run and goto http://localhost:8080/env
  • This should open up the Spring Actuator which is really helpful in checking out the application container properties and couple of other parameters which will be covered later
  • Time to add manifest.yml to set properties for the project. checkout this commit
  • Its time to cf push
  • Once pushed, checkout the app in Cloud , by going to, Change todoservice with whatever entry you have given for your hostname in the manifest.yml


  • At any time if you want to see what your application is doing, just type cf logs <APP_NAME> , for eg: cf logs todo-service