Registering Client in UAA

Now that we have configured UAA, Its time to create Client so that the client can get access to Resources


  • Create 2 clients with the following command
uaac client add todolist-client \
    --authorities "uaa.resource" \
    --scope "openid"  \
    --autoapprove "openid" \
    --authorized_grant_types implicit \
uaac client add todolist-server \
    --authorities "uaa.resource" \
    --scope "openid"  \
    --autoapprove "openid" \
    --authorized_grant_types implicit \

Don't give any client secret when prompted. Just press enter.

You should be seeing an output similar to the one below

  New client secret:
  Verify new client secret:
  scope: openid
  client_id: todolist-client
  resource_ids: none
  authorized_grant_types: authorization_code refresh_token
  autoapprove: openid
  action: none
  authorities: uaa.resource
  lastmodified: 1448133847312
  id: todolist-client


  • --authorities Documentation. Tells what all the client has access to on. Here we have told uaa.resource which means basic User information
  • --scope Documentation. Tells What are the things that the Client can do on behalf of the user.
  • --autoapprove. Tells the UAA that these scope should not require user approval. Hence user won't be prompted on a new screen whether the client should be given access to these scopes
  • --authorized_grant_types : This is something that we should read upon. For now lets stick to implicit
  • --redirect_uri: Where to redirect once successfully logged in
  • Why 2 clients ?
    • In a micro-service world, you don't want to use one client's credentials in another one. In this case todo-client and todo-server. Keep them separate